Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Mistake

This is just a little vase with a few blossoms in it from the gardens outside. I thought I would take a shot of it to see if it offered any possibilities. When I looked at the first image, I was blown away. I had left the color balance setting on "fluorescent" instead of daylight, and so I got this amazing blue image. I loved it immediately, so decided to shoot more photos. I think this photo is all about the unusual color, rather than composition or subject, which is otherwise rather ordinary. Be SURE and click on this, to see a more saturated version of the photo.


Anonymous said...

I love that the flowers & vase are sitting on the beautiful blue tile. It completes the photo.

ASAGA said...

And I like the blue light, too. To me, it's fun to see real things cast in a new way through the camera, and the blue in this one really works.