Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Fish Week"

"Fish Week" is a joke. I am not going to post fish photographs all week long, but since I recently posted some other photographs of fish and fishing, I thought I would use this title for a laugh. So this is one of the other fish caught on the boat - it is a "Fluke" and it is stunningly beautiful, isn't it? The Mate held it up against the light and it was almost as if you could see through it. I decided to post two photographs instead of just one because the fish looks so different in each photograph. The fluke lives right on the ocean bottom, and with the coloring on it's back, it has to be nearly invisible to predators.


Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful fish. I have never seen a fluke before.

ken schwarz said...

I'm not a fisherman either. I get stressed out trying to relax with a fishing pole hanging off a dock or boat rail; the tedium of waiting for something to happen kills me. It's been decades since I've heard the name fluke. I seem to remember local fishermen would sometimes bring their catch of fluke to Louie's Shore Restaurant in Port Washington. I never knew the difference between fluke and flounder. I'm not sure if fluke and flounder are related but they are both very interesting bottom fish because as they mature one eye migrates to the other side. I think fluke are left side up fish while flounder are right side up fish with both eyes on the top side as they mature. But whether the fish be a fluke or flounder they make for good eating!

Fuzzy said...

Just a note from another fisherman on board..they had to toss that fish back. It may have been Amy's catch - she caught a fluke. But it had to be 19 1/2" in order to keep it. So, this guy was a lucky one - he got tossed back into the ocean, but not before he got his portrait taken!