Wednesday, August 22, 2012


This is a multimedia piece at the museum - there is a video playing on the large screen, but to listen to it viewers have to put on headsets to hear the audio. I saw two women connected to this and made one image, then shot this after one of the women left. It is hard to explain exactly what it is that attracts me to this. But it has to do with the incongruity of the elements - the AK-47 rifle pointed at the viewer, and that fact that she is connected by wires. I also like the headphones on the wall. Bottom line I think, is that I have no idea why I like this.


Anonymous said...

OK, this is completely off the subject of the photo content, but is anyone concerned that these headphones are picked up by hundreds, maybe thousands of people whose hands are probably bacteria/virus-laden; who may have contagious problems, such as pinkeye or other communicable things we don't want to catch? It seems unsanitary and, I realize I sound like a germaphobe (and maybe I am) but these universal tools in public places scream GERMS, GERMS, GERMS! With highly sophisticated photo-sensors and other technology available, why can't the museums have equipment installed that can sense the presence of a viewer, which triggers an audio explanation of the artist's work. Even an audio on a loop would be better than having to pick up the headphones and put them over your ears! Sensors would be more expensive than headphones, but not every exhibit would need one - for many exhibits, a plaque with typed descriptions would work just fine. Apoologies to those who only appreciate comments about the photo, but this obviously is something that bothers me, big time. I appreciate the space to voice my opinion.

Ken Spencer said...

It is interesting to me how you responded to the subject of the photograph. As photographers, we never know exactly how people will respond to our images. I may have an idea in my head, and someone will see the image and have a completely different reaction, as you have done. It's funny, but about 5 years ago a colleague mentioned a scenario about germs that I had not even considered, and now I am so mindful of the possibility of the transmission of disease in the situation he mentioned. And now I can add your concern for another situation that maybe I need to consider. Thanks.