Monday, August 20, 2012

The Old Boiler Room

It is amazing how many photographs I can find when I am out of town. There are always such wonderful things to photograph in a new environment. So I am going to take a week to display all the things I found. This image is a recurrent theme in my photographs there. It is a photograph taken at Mass MOCA - the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. Every year when I go to Vermont, I take a day to drive down to North Adams, Massachusetts to Mass MOCA. Anyhow, the museum is located in a series of 19th century buildings that were last the home of Sprague Electric Company, where they manufactured capacitors. This detail is in the boiler building which supplied steam to heat all of the buildings. In a stroke of brilliance, they preserved this building, removed the hazardous materials, and kept it as an exhibit. I love the richness of the rust colors in this image and the old steam pressure gauge.

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