Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Astronomer's Sunglasses

So there is a young couple staying at the bed and breakfast I am at, and we have had some nice conversations over breakfast. There are six of us staying here, who are all attending the telescope maker's conference. Up on the hill today, where the conference is held, I met them again by the food pavilion, and couldn't believe his sunglasses. He said his eyes are sensitive to light, so when it is sunny out, he absolutely needs sunglasses, and these were the only ones in their car. They are VERY cool sunglasses, but you would never find me wearing them! I think that this photo is also interesting because of the way I cropped it - I only really wanted the glasses, so I am coming in much tighter in than I would normally be, and I like this composition as a way of seeing things differently.

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