Monday, August 6, 2012

Two Will Get You Seven

Well, actually two will get ME seven. As in two days in Montauk will get me enough posts for seven days on the blog. I got a whole bunch of nice photographs when I was out there, but then I was back home and finding other things I wanted to post. So I decided to go back and find some of the other shots. These are the cliffs at Montauk Point - not out at the lighthouse, where the cliffs are protected by a very sophisticated anti-erosion system, and huge boulders, but back to the west where no such protections are in existence. The erosion is disturbing, but it results is these fantastic shapes on the face of the cliff. Amy things these scenes are pretty cool as well - that's her and her camera looking for the perfect composition.


Anonymous said...

Very cool. I have never been to Montauk and did not expect to see cliffs like this.

Ken Spencer said...

We'll just have to take you there!