Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What is Art?

What is Art? Boy, I haven't a clue, but I know when I have been moved. And it is not an intellectual response - it is an emotional one. When I first see an important piece, the reaction is pretty much instantaneous - I immediately know I am in the presence of something special. That was the case here. I entered this dark room through a black curtain, and saw all these wheels going around and around. Accompanying this visual experience was the sound - a constant "Ssssssssshhh, Ssssssssshh, Sssssssssshh." It was mesmerizing. As I watched, the lights in the bottles blinked on and off in a regular pattern. Here's the brilliant part - The bottles each have a small amount of sand in them, and as the bottles rotate, the sand slides down the bottle, creating the sound, and the sand covers up the LED lights which are illuminating the bottles! It is brilliant. I spent a long time in this room, just watching it all. This was my favorite exhibit in the whole museum. The piece is called "Knight of Infinite Resignation" by Diane Landry.


ginger said...

oh how i wish i could see this, but your photograph and description bring it to life. thank you

Anonymous said...

Amazing. I think Betsey and I need to take a ride to MA

Anonymous said...

We will definitely go! Want to see this exhibit...bsk

Anonymous said...

For those, like me, who can't make it to this exhibit, here's a youtube link that shows the automation:

I do love the sound Ken describes - to me, it's like you're under a waterfall, or at a carwash -- meditative, serene, addictive. Thanks for exposing fans of this blog to yet another great experience. I never would have searched for this if not for your intriguing picture and caption.

Ken Spencer said...

Wow, it is so nice to find so many comments, AND to find a link to a youtube video as well! Thanks to all you who have taken the time to comment!