Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Mature Master

When I was hired at the newspaper, in November of 1966 there were several other young photographers who had also just been hired. And there was a whole staff of photographers who had been there for a long time. So the older photographers were called "The Mature Masters," and we were called the "Snot Nosed Kids!" There was a lot of jesting about all of this, and it was fun for all of us. So this is a photograph of my friend Dick, who is a prize-winning photographer. I think he worked at the paper longer than I did, which was 41 years. I have always admired Dick's skill and enthusiasm. He is a photographer with a capital "P" which means he is always photographing, not just for for work. Here he is taking some photographs at Friday's "Dinosaur Breakfast" which he established about 6 years ago. It is a wonderful gathering of ex-newspaper photographers, that keeps us all connected.

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