Friday, August 17, 2012

Vermont Countryside

When driving the back roads of Vermont I am, of course, always looking for photographs. Strangely, I don't fine wonderful ones all that often. Sometimes there will be part of a photograph, but, for instance, perhaps there is an old tractor, but it is parked in front of a modern steel barn. Probably not a shot. But driving over to Manchester this morning I flashed by this, and screeched to a halt! It's perfect! Vermont outdoor advertising! I guess they call it "vernacular?" This photo was a gift. I felt badly that I was on my way to North Adams to Mass MOCA (more on that in the coming days) that I couldn't go buy some Sharp Cheddar Cheese to take home with me, because my car would be parked in the sun all day, and I had no way to refrigerate it. So I owe them, big time.


Anonymous said...

Love it. Great photo and advertising.

Anonymous said...

Love the tall weeds surrounding the rusted truck. Great sign! Hope you stopped back for some cheese...bsk