Friday, August 31, 2012

The Owego Buildings

These buildings are one of my favorite subjects. I first photographed them back in the early 1970's in black and white. I have photographed them every once in a while since. Today while crossing the Allegheny River over the new bridge, they looked especially bright and cheery. I think that some of them have been recently painted in brighter colors. So much has changed since I first saw them. I believe at least two of them have been torn down (out of view of the photo, to the left) and last year there were terrible floods - their first floors were completely flooded - so hard to imagine on a day like this when the water level of the river is so far below. I love that they are always there - like an old friend - and that they are constantly changing in subtle ways, and that are such an interesting subject for me.


Anonymous said...

Very detailed photograph-makes it interesting to look at it!Trace

Anonymous said...

Very colorful, but I expected to see a photo of the Blue Moon. :-)

Anonymous said...

The photo is beautiful, but your description is even better.