Saturday, September 1, 2012

Me and My Mentor

This is a photo of me and my mentor and long-time friend Herm. My first job out of college was as a photographer at the Times-Union in Rochester, NY. Herm was an art director there and we became friends right away. He was the guy who taught me to go hunting (although we never actually shot anything,) and he taught me to ski, and then he got me involved in Amateur Radio, and lastly, cycling. So it was fun today to go riding with him for the first time in about thirty years. We did about fifteen miles, and he is still a stronger cyclist than I am - he always has been. And today he was faster than I was, but that was because his bike cost more than mine! :-)


Anonymous said...

Sam wonders if the colors in the visual "lineups" with the tops of both helmets were planned, or if it was a wonderful coincidence.

Ken Spencer said...

Herm is an art director and I am a photographer, and so we both have impeccable taste in such things... :-)
OK, it was accidental!