Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Wildenhain Pot

I wanted to post another photograph from the exhibit. There were two venues for the single exhibit, and yesterday's post was my favorite sculpture in the first gallery. This is perhaps my favorite from the second gallery. I love the "ears" on it - they seem to have no purpose, but they make the pot so much more interesting. I also love that there are no fancy glazes on it - I think it is just fired clay. Doesn't this have a wonderful shape?


Anonymous said...

The great thing about art is that it affects everyone differently.
The photographer sees ears. I look at this piece (based on the picture because I haven't seen it in person)and I see an angel with wings, a halo on top of her head, a round belly (my angle must love to eat!) and a long gown that covers thin but sturdy legs. It's an angel in primitive form, but still, an angel. I love angels.

Ken Spencer said...

You are absolutely right about how people respond to photographs differently. The minute you mention an angel, I can see it! Thanks!