Friday, September 7, 2012

I Forgot My Water Bottle

What a great stroke of luck this photograph was! I finished my bike ride, and sat on the bench for a while to cool down, and then rode home. It was there I discovered I had forgotten my water bottle. So I took a shower and then had dinner, and then drove back down to where the bench is. There was my water bottle. As I walked back to the car I saw this! The first thing that struck me was the dog facing in the opposite direction from the owner - that seemed to be the picture. But I was a long way away and only had my toy camera with me. So I took a couple of frames, and then moved closer, hoping that the dog wouldn't move, and took a couple of more frames and moved closer again. Fortunately, the dog did not move, and I got this close, and got this shot! I was thrilled. The funny thing is, the dog would look at me from time to time as I moved closer, and if it decided to move, my photo would be toast.

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