Friday, January 25, 2013

Ice on the Rocks

So here's the deal - I went looking for photographs today and was excited to see that the rocks at one of my favorite scenes were covered with ice. It takes a week of temps below 20 degrees for this to happen. So I started with a wide-angle view, but thought that I could get a more interesting view if I moved closer. I did a lot of different photographs of this scene. If you are lucky, I will not be having "Ice on the Rocks Week!" But I will post a couple of other photographs so you can see what else I did. Anyhow, in the editing process I realized that there was a subtlety to this photograph, and there are some lovely colors as well. The sky is this color because of the coming snow we had after sunset. Oh, you know what else? The trees in this photograph are the SAME trees in yesterday's photograph! I didn't realize it until I went to yesterday's post to see if there were any comments. I had forgotten that this was a different angle of the the same landscape.

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