Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Bicycle Finish

It's worth clicking on this image right away. You need to see the details of how the bicycle is "finished." It is almost completely covered in fabric. No multiple coats of shiny enamel here, nosiree. Fabric. To be fair, this bike is obviously not meant for riding - it is a display outside a store at, of all places Santa Monica Place. You are going to think that all we do is hang out at the mall. We only went there twice. You know how I love bikes, and this may be the most novel bike that I have ever seen. It is not the most beautiful bike, however - just the most clever.


Anonymous said...

Very clever. I would want to ride this one of a kind bike .

Anonymous said...

It's actually too bad this isn't prettier. There are so many georgeous fabrics these days, they could used some to make it really striking.

Anonymous said...

Great way to spruce up an old rusty bike :-) I want one just like it! bsk