Sunday, January 13, 2013

Technical Difficulties

Yesterday morning I got up early to go to an FAA sponsored safety seminar for pilots about enhanced preflight inspections for light aircraft. I was really looking forward to the talk - I have been to a number of these and they are all really good. Many of them are reminders of things I already know, but need to have refreshed in my mind. So we are all sitting and waiting for the talk to start - the speaker had a PowerPoint presentation - and guess what happened. Right. Technical difficulties! So the speaker and the host of the event huddled over one of the laptops, trying to figure out what the issue was. Turns out the speaker had copied the *shortcut* of the presentation file to his flash drive, but not the file itself. No problem - he had his laptop in the car, and he went off to get it while we watched another short program, until he returned and presented the main event. Don't you hate technical difficulties?

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