Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Beautiful Day!

It was hard to come up with a photograph today. But it was a gorgeous day with absolutely beautiful clear blue skies! The wind, however, was something else! Man, it was howling all day long. 25 MPH winds with some gusts to nearly 40 MPH. There was a tree down on our street and another down on my bike route. In spite of the wind, I decided to do my ride. It is much more difficult, especially when heading directly into the wind. Oh, and I got an unbelievable surprise - I was racing down a hill, into a curve, on a narrow residential street, and suddenly there was a line of yellow police tape completely across the road! I ducked as low as I could, and was not decapitated, you will be glad to know. It was there to warn people of another downed tree. Anyhow when I got home, I looked up to admire the sky, and saw this single cloud illuminated by the setting sun.

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