Friday, February 1, 2013

Two Views

I have photographed this power plant before, as some of you might remember. I love industrial architecture, and this is one of my favorite structures. I came around the corner late this afternoon and saw the orange light of sunset on the stacks, and the brilliant blue sky in the background. But what I saw first, and for the first time, were the power poles and transmission lines in the foreground. I thought "Wow, I never noticed that before." So I stopped and took the first photograph. Then I walked toward the plant and continued taking more pictures, watching to see if I could get all the wires out of the sky. The difference in the photographs is that the second one is just about the power plant - the first one is more about all the poles and the wires. It is worth clicking on each of the photographs, especially the one with wires, to see how different it feels.

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