Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Beverage Week"

It is interesting to me how photographs seem to sometimes come in subject groups. I am joking by titling this post "Beverage Week" - I did that because yesterday I posted a cup of cappuccino, and today a steaming hot cup of tea. It just happened that way. I usually have a cup of tea with a sandwich at lunch. I always put the tea in this spot on the corner of the bookcase - it just happened that a shaft of sunlight was shining on this spot. Steam from a cup or bowl of something hot needs to be backlit in order for it to show up, and the light was perfect for this. It also helps that the background is dark, allowing the steam to stand out. You might be interested in the bright yellow cup. I bought it in the airport in Barcelona, and it is based on a design by Joan Miro, who was born in Barcelona.


Anonymous said...

Love the pattern made by the steam. It take the ghostly form of a diver heading straight for the tea. Amazing how a camera lens (and of course, the person behind the camera) can capture somehing so graceful; something so ordinary becomes something so lovely.

ken schwarz said...

Wow! This is an interesting photograph full of color, contrast, composition and of course the hot stream frozen in time. I can imagine your sandwich and hot tea must have been a nice reward after capturing this moment.

Ken Spencer said...

Thank you both for your comments. I too, was amazed at the forms the steam took. I never would have imagined this particular form - I would have guessed something more "cloud-shaped" so this was a wonderful surprise. I love finding something extraordinary in the ordinary.