Monday, January 28, 2013

The New Projector

The Vanderbilt Planetarium in Centerport is where our astronomy club meets. The Planetarium has been under renovation for about a year now, and is getting closer to reopening in March. The other night I got to take a look at the new projector which is a stunning piece of machinery. This is the device that projects all the stars on the dome, and the moon and planets - it recreates the sky at any point in history or in the future, and it can show the skies as they would be seen from anyplace on Earth. I an really looking forward to seeing the first show here!


Anonymous said...

Why the heavens is everything so PINK?

Photodude Images said...

If it can show the sky in the future, does that include the weather?

Ken Spencer said...

The pink light is how the planetarium is illuminated before and after the shows. Pink is just more interesting than plain white light. Makes for a more dramatic picture of the projector.