Monday, January 7, 2013

The Walking Streets

In Venice, there are a couple of streets known as "The Walking Streets." They are called that because they are not streets at all, but rather sidewalks. You walk down the sidewalks, and you are looking into the front yards of homes. The trick is that there are alleys behind these homes, and that's how residents bring their groceries home and park their cars. It is a delight to walk these streets. A small number of homes have fences along the sidewalk, and very elaborate doorways. Here are three photographs, the first one giving a sense of one of the walking streets, and the others are details of two doorways.


Anonymous said...

These pictures bring to mind questions I frequently ask myself: Are the people who live behind these doors, or ones even more elaborate than these, happier than those of us who have less-fancy doors and homes? Do their family members argue over the remote or where to eat? Are they generous and charitable--more so than the rest of us? I see homes like these and wonder about the people who live in them. I guess that's a natural instinct when it comes to anything unfamiliar. But it does make me wonder.

Ken Spencer said...

What wonderful comments! I have wondered these same things myself. I have done a lot of architectural photography over the years, and been in houses of multi-millionaires, and more normal people, and I just wonder about their lives while photographing the interiors of their homes. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love the middle and bottom doors. What a difference between all the doors. Fun photos. bsk