Monday, October 6, 2014

A Happening Place!

You are probably bored with all my telescope photographs, so I am offering something different.  During my first day in Minnesota I went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  I arrived late in the day, but was really lucky because that day the museum was open until 9 PM. There was so much going on in the museum.  I got to take a tour of a new photographic exhibit, by the curator of photography, there was another talk by an author, and at one point I looked down from the second floor balcony to see these people on their backs in a circle.  There was a woman leading the group, but I couldn't quite hear what this was all about.  They are looking up through the circular opening in the floor surrounded by a balcony at a painted dome ceiling.  They made an interesting design as seen from above, though.


Anonymous said...

Fun photo. Did you later lay on the floor to see what they were viewing?

Ken Spencer said...

I could actually lean over the railing and look up at the dome. I should send you a photo looking up.