Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Lot More is Gone Now

What a killer, the week we go away, they remove some major parts of one of the main buildings!  Arghhhhhhhhh!  Weeks have gone by with nothing ever happening, and then last week they made major advances in their demolition.  I will take more photographs of the buildings so you can get a better idea, but I liked this detail a lot.  It shows that the walls of the main hall were made from the yellow glazed brick, with inlays of reddish brick.  I WISH I could have seen this back in the day...   Sigh...   I do like that this photograph has a monumental feeling to it.


Anonymous said...

How dare they demolish more of the building while you were gone!! The nerve!! :-) bsk

Ken Spencer said...

That's what I said!!! :-)