Thursday, October 30, 2014

Coming Apart

Another day at the jobsite, tearing down the power plant.  I spotted this through the fence as I drove by, but the fence was in the way when I tried to shoot it.  They have set up sections of chain link fence which are wired together, to keep the site secure.  But they left a space between two sections.   A space just for me, so I could crouch down and sneak inside, and create the perfect composition.  I was taken by all the wires hanging down - something new that I had not seen before.


Anonymous said...

You know I never saw the beauty in this power plant until you started taking pictures of it, and talking about it, on your blog. To state the obvious, on the one hand we lose what many people consider to be an eyesore and in todays photo you can now even see the beauty across the harbor but on the other hand this "eyesore" contributed a huge amount of taxes to the local school district and kept taxes low. In many ways this plant was a huge contributor to the quality of life in Sea Cliff and many neighboring towns.

Ken Spencer said...

Thanks so much for your comments. I should re-post a photograph I made about 2 years ago, from the other side of the harbor showing the whole plant with the late afternoon sun on it. It shows the beauty of the plant. Stay tuned - I will try and post it in the coming week.