Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Beauty of Foxes

The group went to the University of Minnesota to see the observatory and antique telescope there.  After our tour was over, I went over to the Bell Museum of Natural History, on the campus. It is a wonderful museum, and one of the staff members told me that the dioramas in the museum were painted by the artist who painted the dioramas at the the Museum of Natural History in New York.  In any case, the dioramas are just beautiful!  I was really taken by the stunning beauty of these two foxes.  They are just gorgeous!  I guess I didn't know that, never haven seen foxes in the wild before.  And then in a nearby diorama, there was this River Otter.  Is he cute or what!

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. You do not need to be in the wild to see a fox. I saw one in my yard while taking garbage out on Seaside Ave and was scared to death!