Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ripping The Insides Out

They ripped off part of the front of the building of the power plant a couple of weeks ago.  But they put up concrete Jersey barriers and poles and chain link fence, and then to add insult to injury, they put up a green plastic material to screen the work from people on the street!  So I climbed up on the Jersey barrier and fortunately they had put small openings in the fabric to let the air through.  So I pulled on one of the fabric openings and there was just enough room that when I put my lens through the chainlink fence, there was a small hole in the fabric!  Whew!  Anyhow, I managed to get this shot.  I wish I had seen this hall when the plant was running.  I think that maybe this was the location of the first generators when the plant opened in 1919.   Little by little my favorite plant is coming down. 


Anonymous said...

What a glorious space even now, in its throes of death!


Anonymous said...

Seeing the equipment inside of the building makes me realize how huge this is. They look like toys.