Friday, October 10, 2014

What Sam Knows!

I was parked in front of the hardware store this afternoon, and this truck was stopped in traffic.  I grabbed my camera, and when it got closer, I got one shot.  I LOVE the dog looking out the window!  So, since I know nothing about cars and trucks, I emailed my friend Sam, who has an encyclopedic knowledge of these things.  I asked, "What truck is this?"  Here is his answer: 
“You are looking at a Chevrolet pickup, 1955-1958, but unusual in that it is the 3100 series.  Like the Fords, there were three load ratings, roughly equivalent between the two brands. The Chevy 3100 series was like the F-350s- big, brutish. The Chevy 2100 series was like the F-250 series, and there was a lowest series like the F-150.  This particular truck has been modified by at least the following: Aluminum radiator and expansion tank visible through grill opening.  Chrome bumpers- seldom found on the 3500 series, common to lower ones.  All-around disc brakes with wheels and hub caps (not wheel covers) reminiscent of 1966-1969 Chevrolet "SS" designs, as on the Impalas and Caprices. The vehicle rides on radial Goodrich T/A tires, unknown in 1955.  Side dump exhausts- probably sounds wonderful under "load." My guess is that there is a more modern "crate engine" (bought fully ready to fire up from the factory).  For this car, it is probably what's called a "502" engine.  There are also analogous versions of the Ford engines available- the most recent are the Coyote motor (the newer version 302 cubic inch (5.0 L) found on 2013 and later Mustangs, and also the 351C (5.7 liter) of Crown Victoria Police Interceptor fame.  Other than that, I didn't notice much.  Nice, nice find. Sam.”
I told you he would know! Be sure and click on this, to see all the details on the truck.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah- there's a dog in the truck.


Anonymous said...

Sam, the encyclopedia, I could have told you it was a chevy. Amazed that you can see through the grill and know all of the custom alterations seen in one photo.
How many old cars have you owned?

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, many and none. At once... .