Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Red Leaves

I found these beautiful red leaves on the vines that were growing on one of my compost piles.  I think that these are the leaves of "Grape Ivy."  I have no idea exactly what grape ivy is, but I am fighting it all year long.  Man, does it move fast and take over huge areas of vegetation.  It overuns regular ivy, and climbs up tree trunks and out into the branches.  It is a nightmare.  But isn't it pretty at this time of year, when its green leaves turn a beautiful red?  OK, but I still hate it!


Anonymous said...

This is my new desktop picture - I love the colors! (Sorry you don't like the plant) bsk

Ken Spencer said...

Oh, this is wonderful! So glad that my picture makes the cut, to be your new desktop picture! Glad I could be of service.