Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rapt Attention

These students at Rochester Institute of Technology, my alma mater, are sitting in rapt attention, as you can see.  What could possibly be that interesting?  The answer is "us."  By us, I mean eight guys who graduated from RIT back in 1964.  We have returned to the school for our 50th anniversary!  Wait, that means I must be really old!  The group of us talked a bit about the path of our careers, and about how we, as film shooters for more than half our lives, managed the switch to digital photography. The students, of course, have known only digital imaging.  We hope it was an interesting presentation, and I didn't notice anyone falling asleep.  Below is a photograph of some of the panel members.  I think there are about 14 of us who came back for the reunion.  It is astounding to me to think that we were once here, went out and lived our lives, and that fifty years later we return and our lives intersect, once again.

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Dean said...

Hi Ken- Neat idea! I went back to our very small high school about 15 years after I graduated and talked about my going to the University of Iowa, my astronomy degree and working at Kitt Peak and making large optics. Similar to your experience, it was well-received and appreciated. Fun stuff! -Dean