Monday, October 27, 2014

Harbor Sunset

My friend Bob Keeler and I went over to the Port Washington Public Library together this afternoon because he wanted to see the exhibit of the portraits I had done for the library.  After the library, we went to dinner at this restaurant that overlooks Manhasset Bay.  Since the sun was going down, the first thing we both did was take photographs out the window of this pier.  I told Bob that his picture better not be better than mine!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo!

ken schwarz said...

Absolutely beautiful photo that brings back many wonderful memories growing up in Port Washington. I worked at Louie's Shore Restaurant for a couple summers during my high school years and then during my college summer vacations worked for the Long Island Sailing Center, which rented space on this dock for sailboats. I'm very happy you posted this late afternoon picture of Louie's Dock! I hope you enjoyed your dinner as much as I enjoyed today's photo!