Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Leftover

I have a leftover photograph from the snowstorm.  While the snow was tapering off on Saturday night, I started looking out the windows to see if I could find any pictures.  I have posted one already, and this is the second one.  It is our new back porch, showing the snow drifting over the stairs, and one of the columns which hold up the roof of the portico.  I love that this is pretty much an abstract, and I also like that I have kept it really dark, which adds to the abstract nature of the image.


Anonymous said...

Ken, this is very striking. The abstract quality is great. And the lighting is perfect both from the top and the side. You're not sure what you're looking at, could be a movie set or desolate outpost.-- Stan

Ken Spencer said...

Wow, thanks Stan. I am glad that you enjoyed the photograph!