Saturday, January 2, 2016

Walking Wesley

I got to do a lot of walking while in Los Angeles.  That's because Liz has a dog named Wesley, and he definitely enjoys having his walks each day.  So I would go out with Liz and Sarah and Amy as they took Wesley for a walk through the neighborhood.  These were not once-around-the-block kinds of walks.  Usually we did about two miles which is not bad exercise if my day was spent sitting around talking and eating Christmas Cookies.  The walking was definitely one of the best parts of the day.  I was also trying to do something different, in terms of how the photograph looked.  Not sure how to describe seeing this way, but I do like how this looks.


Anonymous said...

How many times a day are they walking Wesley two miles?

Ken Spencer said...

Just one long walk. He gets another shorter walk. He loves being out walking everywhere!