Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Beast!

So the morning after the big storm finds me running my new snow blower.  Unbelievably we got 24 inches altogether.  The snow doesn’t look that deep because I went out yesterday afternoon and did the whole driveway.  What you are seeing is the second accumulation of snow from 3PM until the storm stopped last night. It was so much fun, playing with my new toy, and instead of snow removal being a grind it was fun.  And I did my good deeds for the day.  After our driveway, I went to the next door neighbor’s and did her driveway - she is the person who takes care of our cats.  Then the guy across the street who used to loan me his snow blower, but sold it because he didn’t have a place to store it, needed help getting through the thick snow from the passing snowplows.  Then same thing for the husband and wife down the street.  Then the same thing for our neighbors who are in Vermont for the weekend.  They will be so surprised to see their 20 foot apron to the garage all cleaned out.  It felt really good helping everyone.  This machine, by the way, is a BEAST!  Look at how far it was able to throw this snow - nearly all the way across the side yard!  So glad I bought the biggest one.  I spent half the time being stunned by the beauty of the sun shining through the blown snow.  Isn’t it stunning?  It was a fun day!  Oh, photo credit:  Photograph by Katherine Spencer!  Nicely done!


Anonymous said...

How long is your driveway? You spoke of neighbor's 20 foot apron and drive to garage. Trying to compare. I do not miss shoveling a four car driveway for just one car. So nice of you to help so many neighbors.

Ken Spencer said...

Our driveway is about 80 feet long. The neighbor's apron is about 20 feet from the street, and 30 feet wide. Oh, get this! Today the doorbell rang, and the neighbor was standing there with a gift bag with a bottle of red wine, two boxes of Celestial Seasonings tea and a box of something called Petit Ecolier, which are chocolate coated cookies! How nice is that!