Sunday, January 10, 2016

Harbor View at Dusk

I went over to visit the carpenters who built our addition, who are working on another house not too far away.  It was great seeing them, and they had a story to tell.  There is a house on the cliff, and a group of workers came in to make some changes to a retaining wall behind the house.  The workers did something wrong, because about 15 feet of the back yard gave way and slid down the cliff, all the way to the water!  So they said I should go down and see the mess.  I did that, and then noticed this scene.  The cliff is about one hundred feet above the harbor so it gives me a whole new perspective on the harbor.  And I love the subtle pastel colors of dusk.


Anonymous said...

Very serene, but I expected a photo of the mess that slid down the cliff. Did the property back up to the water? I think of your area that the road is next to the water. I can't imagine what the homeowners are thinking.

Anonymous said...

A peaceful photo. I love the lights on the water. Trace

Ken Spencer said...

The home was owned by some landlord, who was renting out the rooms. Yes, the house backed up to the water. So the building was condemed and in order for anyone to live in it again, a new seawall must be built, and reinforcement of the entire cliff from bottom to top must be accomplished, and that would cost more than a million dollars, I was told.