Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Low Winter Sun

Another photograph from my walks to the no-longer-in-existence power plant.  It was shortly before sunset and the shadows on the sycamore trees were very dramatic.  The trick was to find a particularly interesting tree for the foreground, as well as an interesting background.  I stopped at about six different spots along the way, and this is the most beautiful, in addition to being dramatic.  On, the funny thing?  The title of this post is based on a stunning TV cop series that I just finished watching!


Anonymous said...

It is amazing how many photos you have taken of these trees over the years and all are so different. Love the many views and seasons.

Ken Spencer said...

Thanks, Joan. It is interesting how different these trees look in different seasons, and at different times of day.

Anonymous said...

I like the close-up view! Totally different from the street view looking towards the row of trees. bsk