Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Snowstorm

About three o'clock this afternoon, I finally fired up the new snow blower and cleaned the driveway. Can't tell you how much fun that was!  Then I grabbed my camera and headed down to the street to the water.  When I got to Shore Road I was thrilled to see two people in the distance walking toward me in the road.  Without that couple in the road, it would just be another photograph of my beloved Sycamore trees.  The three of us stopped and chatted for a few minutes - they live around the corner from us - and then we went our separate ways.  I am stunned to hear on the news tonight they reported we have have had a 24 inch snowfall!


Anonymous said...

Ouch! I only received about 6 inches. You sound like a kid with a new toy because you're excited about your new snow blower! Happy you bought one - shoveling by hand is really hard work! bsk

jenny.beans said...

Was thinking of you and glad that you finally bought a snowblower. 24 inches is a lot even with the blower. We got 11 inches, but I was lucky that most of the snow blew off my car because of the strong winds. I thought of walking in the storm yesterday but it was so windy I did not. Today is sunny and beautiful.

Dean said...

Ken- Glad you got your trip to East Hampton in before the weather moved in! Decades ago in the Midwest, I remember taking trips which afterwards realized should not have been made. Weather can make quite exciting adventures! -Dean