Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Project

I decided to construct a built-in desk for Kathy's computer in the new back room.  It will be bolted to the wall with steel angle iron.  I wanted it to be beautiful, so I bought a couple of pieces of solid oak and glued them together.  And then I needed to add a second layer of wood to the edges, in order to make the desk one and one-half inches thick - that's what all the clamps are about in the first picture.  Then I needed to add three coats of marine spar varnish, with careful sanding between each coat.  You can't believe how gorgeous this piece is now that the varnishing is done!


Anonymous said...

Looks big! What are the dimensions? Where will it be in the room? bsk

Ken Spencer said...

The desk is 18" deep and 48" long. You make a good point - without something to give a sense of scale, there is no way to know how large it is.