Friday, May 27, 2016

Airshow! (Rehearsal)

Someone told me that there was going to be a rehearsal for the Jones Beach Air Show, which is performed on Memorial Day Weekend.  It gets crazy crowded down at the beach on Saturday and Sunday.  So I took a chance and went to the rehearsal.  It was a wonderful performance from all types of aircraft, from the Navy's Blue Angels to small single engine monoplanes, and a jet powered biplane!  These first two photographs are the Blue Angels.

This is a single engine monoplane tumbling through its own smoke trail, appearing to be out of control, but actually being masterfully flown.

This is crazy!  It is a big radial engine biplane, to which has been added a jet engine!  I kid you not!  The pilot flies in with a familiar sound, and then pulls up, advances the power on the jet engine and shoots straight up in the air!

These are two AT-6 "Texan" aircraft flown by the Geico Sky Typers.  I think these aircraft were my favorites, because they were easier to see compared to the F-16's flown by the Blue Angels.

And here are two photographs of the Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds.  They are unusual in that they are flying nine aircraft in some of their formations.


Anonymous said...

You captured some wonderful shots, but I could not be there as I would be holding my breath the entire time. Went to an air show 40+ years ago and once was enough! :-)

Anonymous said...

So many good shots! I really like the one of the Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds because of the design. But the one of the AT-6 Texan aircraft is so cool! Also, like the Navy Blue Angels. So smart of you to attend the rehearsal to avoid all the crazy traffic. I always look forward to our local Memorial Day parade as there is usually a "flyover". bsk

Ken Spencer said...

Thanks to you both for your comments! Joan: There wasn't any part of any of the performances that had me worried at all. I wonder what you saw that made you nervous. Betsey: thanks for your comments on some of the individual photos. It took me forever to edit my three hours of shooting!