Sunday, May 22, 2016

The High Line, Revisited

This is the High Line, an mile and a half long elevated park, that was built on an abandoned elevated  railway line, in downtown Manhattan.  The first section opened in 2009, and it took me three years to finally get to see it, in the fall of 2012.  I decided that it was time to go back, and see it in the spring.  It is an absolutely spectacular park!  It is about 25 feet above the street.  And it was really busy,  there were people walking along it from both directions.  It wasn't too crowded, just busy.  I found it really difficult to take one photograph that that showed the nature of the place.  So here are three images.  What's cool is that they have reinstalled the railroad tracks, and the gardens are planted in and around the tracks.  I will show you some more details in subsequent posts.  What's really interesting is that Mayor Guiliani wanted to tear it down, but so many people got behind the project, including Mayor Bloomberg and Diane von Furstenberg that the line was saved.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and I enjoyed the story of so many people supporting this project.

Anonymous said...

I actually saved an article with photos of the High Line and thought it would be such a neat place to visit - someday...I am enjoying your photos and story. bsk