Friday, May 6, 2016

Selfie City

At the south end of the rooftop garden at the Met, there were people lined up, almost shoulder to shoulder, doing selfies!  What a hoot!  I have been to the rooftop garden a lot, but don't ever remember so many people doing self portraits.  I saw this woman with her phone, and I loved her hat, and her concentration.  It was so easy to take a candid photograph of her, because she was so caught up in doing her own portrait.


Dean said...

Are they transfixed by the sudden appearance of green vegetation after a 7 month absence? I guess that is my explanation, with the city in the background. Not knowing the geography, are the trees in the background Central Park, or just neighborhood trees w/out tall structures in it? -Dean

Ken Spencer said...

Hi Dean: My guess is that it's this view of the skyline, rather than the trees that they like. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is on the eastern side of Central Park and about 25 blocks north of where it begins, so it is surrounded by Central Park, except for the east side of the museum, which is on Fifth avenue.