Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Flowers on the High Line

The High Line is an elevated park.  It feels as if the areas of the plantings are much larger than the walking and sitting areas.  There are plants and bushes and trees everywhere!  I was able to look down onto part of the high line from The Whitney Museum, and it is a long line mostly of green. I had only been to the High Line in Fall before.  I was hoping on this trip to see a lot more blooming flowers.  There was a lot of green everywhere, but blossoms were few and far between.  I found this group of flowers in the midst of a work of art in between a set of railroad tracks.  The stainless steel rings, which go on for some distance, are part of an art work by Rayon Tabet, called "Steel Rings, 2013," and they go on for quite a distance.  

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Anonymous said...

I changed my screen saver from "Green Rocks" to "Flowers on the High Line" because it's so pretty and light! bsk