Wednesday, May 25, 2016

High Line, Up Close

I hope you will be patient with my obsession of the High Line.  After showing you some overall photographs of the High Line, in this post, I want to pay attention to some of the details.  The plantings here are just stunning.  I have read that many of the plantings are based on native plants that had taken root during the time that the High Line was abandoned.  In any case the garden designers are brilliant in what they have created here.  The first image shows trees planted in amongst some track crossovers that already existed.  The other photographs show the plantings in and around the tracks.  The last photograph shows the material that the walkways are constructed of - at the ends, the surface narrows like this leaving spaces between for more plantings.  Please click on these images to see all the wonderful detail.

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Anonymous said...

The first one is captivating because of the tracks crossing and all the greenery. I will never tire of flowers.