Sunday, May 8, 2016

In Celebration of Mothers!

We drove to my sister Betsey's home in Connecticut for a Mother's Day luncheon.  It was a wonderful day for all of us to be gathered together - something that doesn't happen all that often.  So here is a portrait of both mothers and daughters. From left to right, for those of you have read about some of these people: my sisters Betsey and Joan, Kathy, my sister Karen, Jonathan's wife Lauren, and Joan's daughter Jenny.  While sitting on the couch Lauren sat next to me with her daughter Evelyn and began feeding her.  Her husband Jonathan is in the background.  This photo seems to be the essence of Mother's Day.


Anonymous said...

A wonderful Mother's Day made extra special that you and Kathy could join us. We are so fortunate that our family enjoys getting together.

Photodude Images said...

While you were taking the photo, the guys saw their opportunity to get into the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

I was delighted to have everyone together for Mother's Day. Thank you for taking the photo of the "girls". So glad you and Kathy drove up to join us. (And the added bonus of Kathy bringing her pies!!!) bsk