Thursday, December 12, 2019

A Dusting

Yesterday morning we woke to about an inch of very light snow all over everything.  Because the snow was so light, it stuck to every little branch on every tree.  It was a winter wonderland!

This is a view out our bedroom window, looking toward our neighbor's house.  The house is invisible because every branch is covered in snow.  It looks like a winter jungle.

And this photograph is the most amazing.  It is our Japanese maple tree, which you remember, because I am always photographing it.  What's funny is I did my favorite photograph ever of this tree with my Infrared camera in the summer some years ago.  In that photograph the leaves and the lawn are white because of the Infrared photo.  And here is almost the same thing, only with snow.

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Anonymous said...

I tried to photograph the sparkle on the snow covered trees when the sun was shining through. It looks so magical! Just cannot capture it with my phone (but I still try). Lovely to look at your trees. betsey