Friday, December 27, 2019

Flying Home Above the Clouds

So this is a funny story.  In an email that Stan sent me, he said he was looking forward to the aerial photographs I would be taking on the way home from California.  I wrote back and said that I wouldn't be taking any photographs on the way home, because I had the middle seat.  He said "Why don't you ask the person who has the window seat if they want to switch?"  I said I couldn't do that, because the person in the window seat was Kathy!  I get the window seat westbound, and she gets it on the way home!  Well, it turns out that the TV screen wasn't working in front of her window seat, so she wanted to change places!  So I was definitely up for that, and I got my camera out and started looking for photographs.  Here's one that I really love - it is an amazingly subtle cloudscape.


Anonymous said...

A beautiful photo of the heavenly sky. Glad you were able to take it. I got a chuckle out of the agreement you and Aunt Kate make about the window seat. Trace

Anonymous said...

I love that you both compromise. Definitely worked out for both of you this time!! Awesome photo! betsey