Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Looking for Venus and Saturn

Stan came out for dinner and then we went to the meeting together because he wanted to hear the talk about orbital mechanics.  He mentioned that if we went down to the harbor before dinner, we might see Venus and Saturn together, setting in the west.  Man, it was cold and windy, but we toughed it out.  Stan was using a long lens, and I decided to do the wide-angle view, because I loved the streams of water draining down into the harbor.  If you click on this picture, you will be able to see Venus, in the upper left hand corner of the picture.  And slightly up and to the right is a much fainter Saturn.


Anonymous said...

This photo is beautiful. I love the light on the water and the way the water flows towards the shore. The bay itself is beautiful and is amazing we are able to see Venus and Saturn. Another great photo! Trace

Ken Spencer said...

Thanks so much Trace! I do love how the trickles of water go down across the sandbar to the harbor.

Anonymous said...

Good thing that you captioned your photo "Looking for Venus and Saturn" because I was looking at the patterns of water :-) betsey