Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Virtual Reality Experience!

Yesterday evening Liz and Amy & Sarah surprised us by driving us to a "mystery event" which they wouldn't tell us anything about.  It turns out it was a new kind of theater at Westfield, Century City. There are small rooms where six people at a time strap on electronic sensors for a virtual reality experience.  There are sensors for hands and feet, and a backpack of electronics, and then there is a VR headset.  It was an astounding thing to experience a world in 360 degrees all around us!  We walked through a huge undergound temple, and then narrow passageways, and stood on the edge of of a 5 story precipice that was so scary we didn't dare get too close to it even though we knew it was just an illusion!  The finale was a ride in a runaway ore car in a mine that launched us into space, but we were rescued by a seaplane!  Crazy, really!  What a an amazing experience!  Here Amy and Liz and Kathy are shown with some of the equipment they have to wear for the performance.


Anonymous said...

Your experience seems amazing, crazy, fun and terrifying! I might have had heart palpitations.

Ken Spencer said...

I'll tell you that parts of it seemed so real, that I can imagine having a really elevated pulse rate!

Anonymous said...

Sounds crazy and exciting!! betsey