Thursday, December 19, 2019

Let's Go Surfin' Now... Whoops!

I drove down to Venice Beach, and the pier today.  It was a day of blue sky and sunshine and temps just about 60 degrees.  I walked the beach for a while and was watching four surfers.  I didn't get any good photographs of them from the beach.  But when I went out on the pier, I was well above them and got some interesting images!  I love the first one, above!  Can you say "wipeout!"

The waves were not ideal today.  I learned a new surfing term:  They were "closing."  A wave "closes" when it breaks early, thus removing the chance that surfers have to get on the face of the wave to get a good ride.  It was really cool that some of the surfers were really close to the pier - I was able to get this shot, looking straight down on one of the surfers.

I like this shot as well.  I think that his surfboard created the spray that we see between us and the surfer. I think these are interesting photos but are most likely not great surfing photos, in terms of what the pros shoot.  It was wonderful to be out in the sunshine, and watching the waves come in from the Pacific and break as they neared shore, and the surfers trying to work them.


ken schwarz said...

Three very cool surfer shots!!!

Anonymous said...

These are exciting photos! betsey

Ken Spencer said...

Thank you, thank you. Maybe I am a better surfing photographer than I thought... :-)