Monday, December 2, 2019

Icy Dusty miller

Today was mainly rain off and on, with a bit of snow early.  So this is a picture from yesterday, when sleet was falling for a while.  It is the Dusty miller and it is covered with ice.  It was really treacherous yesterday morning with ice and sleet everywhere - just standing in the driveway next to the garden I was afraid that I was going to go sliding down the driveway.  See what I do in order to bring you my photographs?


Anonymous said...

I appreciate all that you do to bring us photographs each day, but if it is icy out please stay inside and photograph Grace. :-) I don't want you sliding down the driveway with a broken hip.

Ken Spencer said...

Thanks, Joan. I should have put my hiking boots on... I will try and remember in the future!