Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Christmas in the Air

I have been driving by these two homes for the last several weeks, and realized that I needed to stop and record the sight.  We haven't put up any Christmas decorations, sad to say, with all the getting ready for out trip.  Maybe that's just as well - when we decorate our bush right by the front steps a ladder is involved!  Better that I stay off ladders for the time being. ..   :-)  I am doing fine, by the way.  It hurts if I start to sneeze or cough, or reach too far for something, but I am able to sleep comfortably all night, which is great.

Anyhow, what is interesting about these two homes, is that most of the houses on the street, have few or no decorations.  But these two houses stand out, and they are right next to each other! They are decorated to a fare-the-well, and I applaud all the energy these families expended to brighten Christmas in their neighborhood!

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